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Beetle Roofchop

This is the project that started the love of chopping up cars and putting them back together for myself and a group of friends.  I slowly accumulated most of the major pieces for this project and many of the tools that would be needed.  Finally with some interest from a couple of my friends we decided to start cutting up the beetles and see if we could chop the roof.  We thought worst case senario we would end up with a bunch of scrap metal.  Plus they were supers so they didn't have much vintage value.  Things started going well so we decided that we should drive this to my buddies wedding which was only 16 months after the first cut.......MORE

A 67 Chop In Th Park

After all the major work was completed on the Beetle Roofchop, and some shop space opened up at Goebdawgs place, we decided it was time to start another project.  We went down to see Fred at FK Customs and he hooked us up with a rusty cheap 67 for us to start to mutilate.  We learned lots from the first chop, and were eager to make this one better.  We attacked the roof first, cutting it into 6 sections  and removing 5 inches from the B pillars.  We were then able to use a second roof and cut as large of a section out as possible to fill in the middle and keep a nice rounded roof line.  After the roof was looking better we built a body jig and started to tackle some of the rust issues......MORE