Recent News
Founding Members:
Josh Josh
Josh was a founding member of Monster Garage: Canada and, as most things in the garage are done by trial and error, Josh usually gets the first trial and often the first error too.  Employed as a full time Entomologist at the University of Alberta, it is fitting that he is working on a beetle.  Shown here, Josh is giving a special guest star, Kylee, some instructions on the operation of MIG welder used in the shop. 
Goebdawg Goebdawg
Matthew is really the muscle behind this hotrod.  There has yet to be job too remedial for this go getter.  Coming on to the project in the second week, Matt shows the rest of the crew what hard work can accomplish.  Matt supplies lots of the motivation for this project, and it paid off when he and Josh showed up at his wedding in a sweet roofchop lowrider.  See the whole story of the days leading up to the wedding here.
Clay Clayton
Clayton was one of the founding participants of the roofchop, shown here welding in the first bracing inside the car preparing for the removal of the roof.   Clayton has taught us all some important lessons about monster garaging: Don't weld in shorts, sandals, especially in enclosed places. Watch Clayton's championship performances at the Hacksaw Races.  Clayton took 9 months off in the middle of the project but returned a month before the wedding for the glory.

Regulars Members:
Colin Colin
Colin makes an appearance on the roofchop almost every week, either as part of the crew, or just stopping by showing off some of his more specialized skills.  Colin is currently in a Phd program at the University of Alberta studying relationships between beetles, trees and past disturbance history.  Pictured here to the left he is doing some finishing work at the end of the big seam that transects the roof of the car.
Dave signed up for the Roofchop crew early on in the project.  Back then he was still trying to figure out how to change a tire, now he there is no task too small for Dave to tackle.  Trained in chemical engineering, Dave is currently employed at the Esso plant.  Dave is was also kind enough to donate a vintage stereo for the project, check out Monster Minute I for all the details.
Stephane came on to the project after most of the major cuts to the roof were completed.  Stephane quickly figured out how to work with metal, and started replacing rust spots.  Soon he was adding some extra custom details to the roofchop (check out the lack of pee shooter holes). Stephane is always willing to help out and is quick to add some perspective "we are all working towards the same goal" when things get hectic in the garage.  
Ian is the newest addition to the Roofcohp crew.  Employed as an financial planner, Ian was originally brought on to help manage the finances, but Ian quickly proved his metal working skills and became a permanent addition to the regular crew.  Take a look at Ian's first appearance on Monster Minute in Monster Minute III

Special Guests:
Kylee Claude
Alex Zak
Tyler & Ben Christina
Baker Diana
Jared Melissa
Lorne Bob