Recent News


April 6th - 

Welcome to the new website.  This site was originally known as Beetle Roof Chop, and hosted by the server at my old university (UofA).  I thought now that I finally left the UofA it was time to migrate this site to its own domain and give it a bit of a face lift.  I realize that there are a lot of broken links, I am slowly triying to migrate everything over here, but until then if you would like to visit the old site, it can still be found here.


January 5th - 

It was a big day for the 67 chop in the park.  We finally got the body back onto the pan, removed some bracing, slapped the doors on, and got a look at the car with out the body jig.  We are continuingt to tackle the rust that consumed much of this car, most of the front has been patched up and now we are moving our focus to the rear.  A lightly used rear apron is being fitted and some of the smaller pieces are getting finished up.